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Collectively we are creative, like-minded obsessives who live to do interesting things with the internet.

We invest, consult, create, strategize and develop apps and websites for ourselves, with partners and for clients.

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If you bring the idea, we will bring the expertise. We offer investment, business strategy, design and development to any candidate with the right idea for a mobile app or website.

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Our Expertise

At the forefront of software development

We program in a variety of languages, depending upon the requirements of any given project. We're always exploring; using the latest tools and methods in efforts to find better, faster and more elegant solutions. Some of the languages we frequently use are PHP, SQL, Javascript, Objective-C and Go. When developing web applications, we've mostly used the Laravel PHP framework, along with some in-house built components for both PHP and Javascript.

We write in:


The Uk’s fastest-growing online business news platform.

  • Website

  • Acquisition

A product to change the tour guide industry; empowering locals to offer niche tours in their chosen area.

  • Website

  • Internal Project

A discovery website for extreme sports in the UK.

  • Website

  • Internal project

A facial recognition service developed in-house.

  • Website

  • Internal Project

  • iOS App

  • Android app

A website built to inform Tanfield Group shareholders of the latest share price and announcement information.

  • Website

  • Commercial Project

A comparison website for gym passes, personal training sessions, fitness classes and bootcamps.

  • Website

  • Investment

An application using the Faceifi concept with a cheeky entertainment twist.

  • iOS app

  • internal project

An entire redesign and development of the website for St. Anthony Care Services.

  • Website

  • Commercial Project

Our ethos

We commit

We are interested in working with people who are driven to pursue big, unusual or exciting ideas. Before we invest our time, money or passion into a new opportunity we insist on being sure that we can add substantial value to the project.

We develop

Our core is clean, modern development and design, and spreading the understanding that you don’t need a big team to pursue a big idea.

We test

We operate as a data driven outfit, measuring and analysing in order to determine the best next step. Working smart hinges on being informed, and the right conclusion inevitably follows the right information.

We iterate

Your journey is not over until you stop walking. Most of our projects enjoy cyclic improvement based on the information we gather during testing and analysis.


Our hard work occurs all over the UK, but our HQ is here:

Ground Six
Benton Park Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom


+44 (0191) 223 6790

Other channels:

Twitter: @GroundSix

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